about my process

All of my pieces are hand-fabricated starting from a flat sheet of metal or wire and through heat, hammer, and hand-tools I form the metal to a unique piece of jewelry or small sculpture.  All of my precious metals are 100% recycled from a refiner in St. Louis who is committed to safe and responsible environmental practices. 


Most of my work is dreamed up in my head however, on more complex pieces I construct a model or work the idea out in copper which eliminates any waste of my precious metals.  Working with a 3-D form allows me to experiment with many ideas and also creates instant feed back.  After I have the piece thoroughly designed I then move forward to create the idea in either gold, sterling, Argentium, or fine silver. 


My work is not set in stone (no pun intended).  I tweak the design as I work with each piece to create a unique look.  I often work with unusual gemstones, vitreous enamel, hand dyed resin, or pearls....or sometimes just let the metal speak for itself.  Whether the process is complex or simple,  I enjoy working on each piece.